How SSDI and Workers Comp Lawyers Get Paid

Social Security disability (SSDI) lawyers are highly specialized attorneys who have training and experience in handling SSDI-related matters. When filing an appeal or a claim for disability benefits, it is sometimes best to hire a Social Security disability lawyer rather than trying to do it alone.

SSDI lawyers are responsible for providing legal advice and services related to filing and appealing claims for disability benefits. They advise their clients on their best course of action for filing claims —including the collection of necessary evidence, corresponding with Social Security Administration personnel, presenting the appeal to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), and filing the required appeals—as well as helping clients navigate the complex Social Security benefits application process and appeal process.

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When consulting with clients prior to filing a Social Security disability claim, SSDI lawyers review the client’s diagnosis and medical records to assess the chances of a successful claim. They also prepare the necessary documents, including the completed disability applications and medical evidence, to be sent to the Social Security Administration.

In addition to filing the initial claim and related appeals, SSDI lawyers assess the client’s medical records, contact vocational experts, and create creative arguments to bolster the appeal if the ALJ’s ruling is unfavorable. It’s also important to note that SSDI lawyers typically work on a contingency basis, meaning that they will only collect payment if their client is awarded benefits.


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