Understanding Bail Bond Services

The ability to post bail is a key component of the legal system in the United States. While the laws and regulations may vary between states, posting bail allows people accused of a crime the opportunity to return to their life outside of a jail cell as they wait for their case to be brought to trial. Bails are set by jurisdiction and offense, however, judges are free to deviate from the bail set for any given crime, including releasing people on their own recognizance if they are deemed to be a low-flight risk. There are different bail types bail bond services rely on, including cash bail and percentage bail.

Bail bond services are an important part of bail. They are usually responsible for the bail funds, lending them to people posting bail.

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When you post bail you must post it with the clerk of court during business hours, or with the jail if it’s after hours. Bail bondsmen will keep a portion of the bail money when it’s paid back as their fee, which is how they stay in business. If you skip bail, the bondsman is empowered to come after you or send a bounty hunter, to compel you to appear in court.

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